Justification for starting the B.Ed course

As per the bye laws and memorandum of the society

The main aims and object of the society are summed up as below:

1. To discourage the practices of anti social activities/evils, viz, force marriage, polygamy system, child marriage in the area as a whole.
2. To embibe a sense of unity and fraternity among the communities of the area.
3. To organize the health and sanitation, political and economic awareness camp in the area.
4. To strive for education, political, economical and socio-cultural upliftment of the area.
5. To foster and preserve the rich traditional and cultural heritage of the area.
6. To conduct the annual cultural, games and sports convention to expose the hidden skills of the area’s youth.
7. To establish at Hunli in lower Dibang Valley the main centre of activities and to organize the work of AMMS to built up the sound base for true Patriotic education.
8. To organize educational institution for formal and non-informal education in Arunachal Pradesh.
9. To run a residential and non-residential school for boys and girls or co-education with all kinds of facilities with modern means.
10. To promote high quality, productive and creative educational Institutions, schools, training centers, coaching centers, Technical centers, vocational centers, libraries, reading rooms and similar institutions.
11. To bring education within the reach of every person even in the remotest part of the Arunachal Pradesh.
12. To provide training opportunities in trades, crafts, vocations and professions which are required for the growth and development of the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
13. To open training institution for men and women in practical areas for employment generations within the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
14. To take up welfare generation activities for men/ women & youth. Organize training in entrepreneur skills.
15. To create awareness for preservation of forest and flora and fauna of the place and to keep the environment free from pollution and organize even health awareness programme.
16. To establish Agro- based training cum demonstrational plantation, for the welfare of the people.
17. To set up & organize fishery, dairy farming, horticulture activities- as community or demonstrational.
18. To set up demonstrational medicinal/ aromatic garden either ourselves or in collaboration & maintaining shelter houses, establishing dispensary, Organizing, awareness Campaign and preventing hunting of Animals.
19. To render effective services for the welfare and upcoming of Animals by constructing & maintaining shelter houses, establishing dispensary, Organizing, awareness Campaign and preventing hunting of Animals.
20. To establish cattle rearing centre both for milk and beef and cattle’s, Duckery, Piggery, Fishery and Poultry including arrangement for the marketing of these products within and outside the state.
21. To render service for the welfare of the people especially women, Children, Youths of the economically backward class for their economic, moral educational, Health and social development like elimination of child labour activities.
22. To promote Agriculture, Horticulture and Small industries based on them including food process, ware housing, cold storage, Food Park and other allied activities.
23. To facilitate for economic upliftment of the rural areas especially the poor farmers, widows, orphans and landless with construction a community hall, working women hostel, old age homes and orphanages.
24. To undertake pollution control projects, Every and soil conservation, wasteland management, water management, education in Science and Technology in conformity with modern living also conducting and promotion of seminars, lectures, discussion, conference, workshop on different specialized fields of bio- technology programmes like ST population etc.
25. A provision for social forestry for environment and a forestation development also to promote maintenance of Ecological balance in Arunachal Pradesh with the objective of preserving rare species of Flora and Fauna in this region.
26. To set up cottage and small scale industries and large scale industries like Handloom and Handicrafts, Bamboo and cane, embroidery, knitting and tailoring etc. for the poor people.
27. To promote and encourage the tourism activities like Trekking, Mountaineering, Rafting, Site seeing, Rowing for promoting traditional values culture and faiths of all types of the tribes of the state also by adopting the mass media like video graphy and photography to focus more deep about the state, Arunachal Pradesh.
28. To arrange for financial, human and other resources for the activities of Society or the activities promoted by it or affiliated to it through receiving donations, raising loans, receiving Central, State and Local Govt. grants and aids from individuals and society, companies and organizations To accept gifts and other receipts such as subscription fees, profits from sales, interests from banks, to give loans and advance donations, grants to the educational institutions and organizations in furtherance of work of AMMS to raise funds, the contributions and subscriptions etc. in cash or kind and also through the sales of assets of AMMS.
29. To carry out any other business as would be approved by the Executive committee in the interest of the local people of the state.